His Dark Materials S02E04

Glad to report that His Dark Materials S02E04 carries on the quickening of the pace, the improvement in quality first seen in the previous episode. His Dark Materials S02E04 finally reveals the role of Will Parry (Amir Wilson) in the storyline. Strange to witness Lyra (Dafne Keen) being relegated to a supporting role but that’s essentially what happened in His Dark Materials S02E04.

His Dark Materials S02E04 is notable for the introduction of two characters in the series. Will’s father John Parry or Jopari as he calls himself (Andrew Scott) is now a shaman in Lyra’s homeworld and connects with Lee Scoresby (Lin Manuel Miranda) in the latter’s quest to find Lyra. Then there’s Giacomo Paradisi (Terence Stamp), the bearer of the Subtle Knife, whom Lyra and Will discover in the Tower between worlds.

Behind the scenes Lord Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) continues to plot and connive behind the scenes and finally brings Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) into his confidence. It will be interesting to see how Lyra and Will get out of the elaborate trap that Lord Boreal has set up for them. There is a delicious sense of menace that Lord Boreal gives off and certainly he will be formidable working with Mrs. Coulter.

Elsewhere, the witches are also entering the fray as they take action after the setbacks of the previous episode. Definitely, it does appear that all the characters are converging onto our world as both protagonists and antagonists face off.

The main strength of His Dark Materials S02E04 is the arrival of Will as a main character. No longer is he a mere appendage to Lyra but he is a full equal. If only the first season held off on introducing Will till the second season. By doing so, the writers did the character a severe injustice rendering him pointless and irrelevant. Now, we can finally see what author Philip Pullman had intended him to be all along.

Definitely, His Dark Materials is slowly but surely becoming a series worth watching. Recommended!

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