Entertainment Weekly provides a first look at the upcoming X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix.

First, a couple of caveats:

One, X-Men : Apocalypse was really bad and nobody was really waiting for the next X-Men instalment with bated breath.

Two, what will the imminent sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney mean for the X-Men franchise? Will the inevitable reboot render this movie meaningless?

Three, X-Men : The Last Stand fucked up the Dark Phoenix so awfully that expectations that Fox will get it right this time are pretty low to non-existent.

Now, those images –

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Concept Art

This looks very faithful to the Phoenix origin story in the comic books, where a dying Jean Grey dies while saving the X-Men and encounters the Phoenix force. Very interesting.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 
Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan, back to camera), and Storm (Alexandra Shipp)

Is this a funeral scene for Jean Grey? The umbrellas and the rain typically give that away – a deviation from the comic books.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 
Sophie Turner

More rain, with Jean Grey looking rather pensive.

Jean Grey manifested as Phoenix. Question is whether there is any transition from this to Dark Phoenix like in the costume change in the comic books.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 
Jennifer Lawrence

Mystique is still very much the leader of the X-Men – a major deviation – but considering Jennifer Lawrence’s star power, it makes sense for the adaptation.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix 
Jessica Chastain

And here’s Jessica Chastain, quite obviously NOT playing Lilandra and putting an end to the rumours about the appearance of the Shi’ar Empire in the movie. Damn. Who is she playing then? SHIELD agent Val Cooper? Mutant pre-cog (and Mystique associate) Destiny? So far, a mystery – wonder when Fox will reveal who Chastain is portraying?

Presumably we will find out when the first trailer lands. X-Men : Phoenix will be released in 2018.

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