Curiouser and curiouser. As more revelations are brought to light, we begin to understand why the Hosts are beginning to ‘malfunction’ on a regular basis. The fact is that Bernard Lowe has been having clandestine meetings with Host Dolores Abernathy and stimulating her evolution towards sentience – whether intentional or not. Dr. Robert Ford also provides backstory as we are introduced to ‘Arnold’ – his former partner, who may have introduced the coding that is causing the problems experienced at Westworld. Of course, Dr. Ford has his own mysterious agenda as well.


These insights are provided alongside a prolonged look at a plot line involving Dolores and her ‘love-interest’ Teddy Flood which now includes a new dark sub-plot with Wyatt, a former army colleague of Teddy’s who has gone all psychotic (if Hosts are not real, why should we care?). In addition, two Westworld staffers (Ashley Stubbs and Shannon Woodward) encounter a stray Host (hence the title) which predictably goes crazy on them, with consequences surely to ripple throughout the series.

It’s all rather ponderous and stretched out but at least the story is being developed at a deliberate pace rather than being rushed through to the inevitable moment when the Hosts rebel against their makers. And what about the Man in Black??

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