Yes, like most geeks I can hardly wait to watch Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens when it opens in Singapore on 16th December 2015 (and yes, I have purchased my tickets already!) BUT at the back of my mind I have lingering doubts whether the movie can live up to its enormous hype. So let’s look at SEVEN of them, shall we?

JJ Abrams

Has JJ ever made a great movie? I mean, his best ones were at best competent viz. Star Trek and Mission: Impossible III, whilst the others were somewhat trainwrecks (like Super 8 and Star Trek Into Darkness) so who’s the say, that he’ll get Star Wars right?

What happened in the 30 years after Return of the Jedi?

Based on the last trailers, Han Solo tells Rey and Finn that the ‘myths’ of the Jedi, Dark Side, the Force are true. What? Wasn’t that the set up of the original Star Wars trilogy? After the Jedi were destroyed by the Emperor and Darth Vader, nobody believed in the Force anymore. So Return of the Jedi was a misnomer? This is a big plot problem and renders The Force Awakens a reboot of some kind. I certainly hope I am wrong.

Yet another Death Star?

On the poster, there appears to be a spherical weapon that looks suspiciously like a Death Star and this is also hinted at in the last trailer. If so, that demonstrates a paucity of ideas that is alarming. I still remember my disappointment when it was revealed in Jedi that the Emperor was building another Death Star – didn’t they already do that in the first movie? Say it isn’t so!

Impractical light sabres!

Remember the incredulity most geeks felt when the teaser showed Kylo Ren with a light sabre that resembled a broadsword? Surely, from an engineering perspective that design was unrealistic and impractical and appeared to be up the coolness factor of Kylo Ren. If this is emblematic of JJ’s approach to the art direction of the movie, then we are doomed!

Rumour that Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker

Yes, this is mere fan speculation but the fact that Luke is absent – by and large – from the trailers does provide fuel for this rumour and if true, would quite frankly undo just about everything the original trilogy was about, just for the sake of a cheap twist. Keep Luke on the light side!

Death of a Main Character

There is a trailer shot of Rey crying over what appears to be a dead body and of course, fan theories suggest that it just might be Han Solo. Of course, fanboys are aware that George Lucas turned down Harrison Ford’s suggestion that Solo be killed off in Jedi but surely it would be too corny to make this happen in the first part of the new trilogy?

Disney Interference

No evidence of this, to be honest, and Disney have frankly kept hands off Marvel films. But considering how Disney has neutered Pixar’s creativity (the recent Inside Out being a marked exception) and the fact that Disney has to recoup that $4bn paid to Lucas, there is a danger that Disney might micro-manage the final cut somewhat (something I am sure JJ does not have over the film). Okay, maybe clutching at straws here but there’s no ignoring the possibilities.

In the final analysis, of course, if you re-watch the original trilogy, you’d realise that they weren’t masterpieces of art film.

BUT in spirit, George Lucas and company engineered a unique movie, combining elements of the film genres that he loved (Western, WWII and of course, Samurai) and quite by chance, created the blockbuster – for good or bad. If JJ can re-capture some of that magic, then Star Wars VII might be worth all the hype. Wait and see, I guess!

May the Force Be With You. Advance Sales Now Open in Singapore!