Fifty years after the debut of classic time travel scifi TV series The Time Tunnel, we are given the latest attempt to feature time traveling and hopefully it’s better than the last one viz. Syfy’s risible 12 Monkeys.

Well, on this pilot episode, it does appear that there are reasonably smart Scifi concepts being examined here, especially in relation to the impact of changes in the timeline on the present. The team of history professor (Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston), a soldier (Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan), and a scientist (Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin) have to go back in time to catch a time-traveling criminal (Goran Visnjic as Garcia Flynn) who steals a time machine in order to change the course of American history and destroy the country.

As with most time travel premises, the writing is crucial and at least on the pilot there seems the promise that in that respect, a considerable amount of thought and creativity will be invested. By the end of that first time jump, Preston’s life is affected greatly by her team’s action in the past and of course, with a secret mystery to unravel (as intimated by Flynn to Preston), Timeless should be an intriguing ride.

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