With The Gifted, there are now three Marvel-based TV series – the other two being Agents of SHIELD and Legion – that have surpassed the entire slate of CW DC Comics-based series.

“rX” picks up exactly at the moment the pilot ended, with Reed Strucker being captured by Sentinel Services and separated from his family.

Blink – after over extending her teleportation powers – falls unconscious and loses control of her abilities. The Strucker siblings – Lauren and Andy – work with Thunderbird to protect the hideout from Blink’s portals, while Eclipse and Caitlin Strucker look for drugs to help Blink and save the hideout.

There are sub-plots relating to Polaris’ incarceration and Reed’s interrogation at the Sentinel Services HQ.

Caitlin begins to empathise with the plight of the mutants as she learns more from and interacts with Eclipse, even as Reed works out a deal with Sentinel Services to save his family at the expense of the mutants.

The Gifted is a mutant series done right with the right amount of social commentary and proper character development thrown in.

There is tension built up at the end where Reed’s deal may conflict with the wishes of his family.¬†And what is the interest of mutant researcher Dr. Roderick Campbell in the Strucker siblings? Things are shaping up nicely at The Gifted!

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