It’s time to stop being surprised about how good The Gifted is! Episode 3 “eXodus” continued the standard of excellence thus far experienced with this well-written mutant series.

As various mutant characters like Polaris, Blink, Thunderbird and Dreamer get further development, it is the human protagonists – Reed and Caitlin Strucker – who cross a threshold in their motivations and become firmly committed, not only to their children but to the mutants’ cause. Kudos to actors Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker for performances that bring these truths home!

As with the original Marvel mutant comics, The Gifted digs deep into the themes of discrimination, prejudice and persecution, which makes it highly relevant to our modern world.

To its credit, The Gifted keeps the plotlines fairly realistic and relatable throughout and its combination of emotional drama, super-heroics and edgy socio-political issues makes it a must-see for geeks of every stripe!

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