GEEK OUT!!! THE GIFTED – “eXit strategy” [SPOILERS]

The reason why Fox’s The Gifted is resonating with us while CW’s slate of DC superhero shows continue to bore and annoy is simple – the stakes seem real and urgent for the mutant characters.

Nothing ever comes easy for our persecuted mutants as every obstacle in their path gets more and more difficult.

The plot for “eXit strategy” is straightforward – how to break Polaris and Reed Strucker free of Sentinel Services?

Eclipse has to bargain with the devil in order to obtain vital information while Caitlyn is worried about her children being exposed to danger in the process. Meanwhile in prison, Reed tries his best to connect with Polaris without much success.

As the rescue plan is underway, things go wrong once again as somehow the mutants all lose their powers. The culprit is Pulse – a mutant who can disable systems and people, including mutant and non-mutant powers, and scramble electronic systems. For some reason, he is now working for the enemy.

Once Thunderbird is able to remove Pulse from the equation, there is the exhilaration of release as Eclipse and Polaris cut loose with their powers as the two are reunited as are Reed and Caitlyn.

It is hard not to be swept away by that final emotional moment when the mutants finally win a battle – it was a long time coming.

Although the nagging questions of Eclipse’s debt to his former drug cartel family and the fact that Pulse was controlled somehow by Sentinel Service need to be addressed in later episodes.

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