It is pleasing indeed to report that 5 episodes in, Fox’s The Gifted continues to provide well crafted plots, relatable characters and dynamic action whereas the CD DC TV shows have demonstrated sloppy writing.

The tension is unrelenting highlighting the pressure that the Mutant Underground is under. Even as Reed Strucker is reunited with his family, Fade (Jeff Daniel Philips) is unwilling to trust him as Strucker had previous revealed to be working for the Sentinel Services.

Within the Mutants themselves, Blink is beginning to be suspicious about what Dreamer did to her in order to rescue Thunderbird in a previous episode.

It’s good to see that the characters are fleshed out with these insecurities rightly emphasised in a situation where the fear of being captured is palpable.

Meanwhile, Eclipse and Polaris kidnap Jace in a bid to find out why Pulse is working with the Sentinel Service. Hitting a wall, they bring in Dreamer who despite her best efforts causes more harm than good.

At the end of it all, the Strucker family earns the trust of the Mutants and the former agrees to stay on to help the best they can. A satisfying episode, no doubt.

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