Thoughts about how the various superhero TV shows did this week. Spoilers, duh!



Unlike Season 1’s triumphant finale, Season 2’s finale barely limped over the finish line. Trouble is, Zoom should have been done with a long time ago – ever since Barry got an upgrade on his speed (either when Eobard Thawne provided him with the formula or when the Speed Force returned his powers). But no, for some reason, Barry does nothing but watch his father die and then later on, instead of incapacitating Zoom (nobody said Barry had to kill him), Zoom escapes yet again.

And don’t get us started on the Time Remnants (deus ex machina by another name!) or the convenience of the Time Wraiths turning up to make Zoom into the Black Racer.

Yes yes fan service was duly served when it was revealed that the Man in the Iron Mask was the real Jay Garrick aka Flash of Earth-3 and that he was Henry Allen’s doppelgänger BUT why wasn’t the helmet part of his costume? How is that the Jay Garrick Flash?? Also, why was Thawne concerned when the helmet appeared at the end of Season 1? Thawne seemed to recognise the helmet so did he know who the fake Flash of Earth-2 was? Messy and confused.

Not content with coming up with a lame finale, The Flash delivers a twist that is at once intriguing and infuriating at the same time. Basically Barry does what he intended to, at the end of Season 1, stop Thawne from killing his mother. Now, we know from the Flashpoint Paradox, that the Flash changing his timeline has dire consequences for the DC Universe as we know it but how does it work in the Flash CW universe? And assuming that Barry will have to go back in time again to resolve matters at the end of Season 3, will we be seeing one Flash stopping the other Flash from stopping Thawne, whilst yet another Flash looks on? Getting awfully crowded in that Allen living room, eh?

See what we mean, intriguing AND infuriating! Onwards to Season 3!



Arrow season finales have always been apocalyptic and filled with meaningful deaths. Star(ling) City would be under threat of extinction before Oliver and his team saved the day. The Season 4 finale was no different but with higher stakes as Damien Darhk sought to destroy the entire world! After establishing how invincible Darhk had become, miraculously (and conveniently), the will of the people of Star City was sufficient to remove Darhk’s power from him. Lame but there you go. After all is said and done, both Thea and John decide the leave the team, leaving Oliver and Felicity to hold the fort. Oh… and Oliver is appointed as Mayor of Star City.


But of course, the question remains – how does the ending of Flash Season 3 impact on Arrow (do remember that this is a shared universe)? Should be interested to see how the writers work this one out in Season 5.

… still there’s more …