Time to consolidate reviews on the weekly superhero TV fare out there. 


FLASH Season 1 Episode 15 (CW)

By all accounts, a pretty dark instalment in the Flash’s story so far. Things go wrong for quite a few of the supporting characters : for Cisco as he discovers Dr. Well’s secret and for Joe as the new Weather Wizard seeks revenge, though the Barry-Iris relationship takes a new twist and in attempting to save Central City from destruction, the Flash goes literally faster than time. A critical point in the narrative.


AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 2 Episode 13 (ABC)

The problem I have always had with Agents of SHIELD is that it does not really take the source material seriously. Which is odd when you consider that this is a Marvel Studios production. I mean, I had assumed with the series talking on board the Inhumans storyline that we could avoid all the half-baked sub-par Heroes rip-offs too evident in Season One. But guess what, all that silliness is back with the annoying Calvin Zabo (Kyle MacLachlan) hamming it up every chance he gets. And what about that ragtag bunch of villains he puts together? Embarrassing. And what about that stupid reveal at the end with Mack and Bobbie? Dumb dumb dumb! Sigh.


ARROW Season 3 Episode (CW)

This time around, it was all about fathers and daughters – Thea and Merlyn, Laurel and Quentin, and Nyssa and Ra’s – and thematically it worked quite well. For Oliver, he has to ponder over Ra’s diabolical offer to him whilst circumstances come together to reaffirm his commitment as The Arrow. A solid episode.

Suffice to say, I am not sufficiently impressed with iZombie, Constantine or Gotham to even bother. And don’t get me started on Powers


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