Warner Bros have released a 5-minute extended trailer for the upcoming Aquaman movie. And it rocks!!!

Based on this engaging trailer it appears that finally Warner Bros have learned the lesson of previous failures (Man of Steel) and successes (Wonder Woman) and have produced a superhero movie that will appeal to the casual movie-goer.

Unlike Man of Steel, which presented a Superman – while artistically creative and challenging – that failed to connect with a audience only familiar with the Christopher Reeve version, Aquaman delivers an origin movie which is an amalgam of genre elements already popular with the masses.

So, Aquaman is an excellent remix of –

Lord of the Rings, with its medieval-like Atlantis setting; Indiana Jones, especially in the featured Sahara desert sequence;Thor, with Atlantis substituting for Asgard; Black Panther, with Arthur Curry fighting for the right to rule Asgard in the same way T’Challa struggled for his Wakandan throne.

Another winning factor is Jason Momoa. Already a fan favourite amongst diehard fans of Game of Thrones,  Momoa exudes a similar vibe as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine – an immensely popular superhero character – and Aquaman might turn Momoa into a genuine movie star!

The visual effects look much stronger than they did in the earlier trailers and certainly the five minutes on display here will only get superhero movie fans excited for more.

When you consider how difficult it is to adapt a character like Aquaman – a running joke amongst comic book fans for decades – it must be said that director James Wan and team has done an amazing job.

Of course, this is still only a trailer and in the final analysis, it will depend on how these different elements hang together in a full-length feature but based on what has been presented here, Aquaman has a good chance of getting the DC superhero movies back on track again.

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