At this point, does it matter what we say about the new Star Wars movie?

Box office gold is guaranteed no matter what and the only query is whether it will out-perform The Force Awakens. We believe that it will, based purely on the fact that by and large, The Last Jedi is the stronger movie.

That said, this sequel does not depart significantly from The Force Awakens, with its prime motivation being re-creating the crowd-pleasing tone and feel of the original Star Wars trilogy.

There are some plot points ‘borrowed’ from The Empire Strikes Back but not on the same scale that The Force Awakens mimicked Star Wars.

The Last Jedi doubles down on the key elements of the franchise viz. thrilling space battles, heroic acts of courage and bravery, and oodles of plot twists and turns.

In addition, The Last Jedi also sets out to answer some of the critical questions raised in its predecessor – Who are Rey’s parents? Why did Luke Skywalker abandon the cause & become a recluse? Who is Snoke, really? What is the ultimate fate of Princess Leia?

At the end of the movie, whether you consider that these questions have been answered satisfactorily depends on how serious you are about Star Wars lore.

As a blockbuster, The Last Jedi is highly entertaining and provides the general movie-goer an enthralling space opera experience for 150 minutes. Director Rian Johnson keeps the pacing at a frenetic level and juggles the numerous plot points reasonably well.

A treat for the entire family!

We will return with a spoiler-heavy discussion once most of the entire universe has had the chance to watch the movie.

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