There was a moment – the briefest possibly – where it seemed that the writers/producers behind Discovery were going to reboot the entire series using the escape from the Mirror Universe as the plot device.

Perhaps then Discovery would exist in a reality more aligned to the original series (which is supposedly a decade away from the events depicted so far.

The reason mainly was the feeling that this conclusion to the Mirror Universe arc resonated as a season finale of sorts. But instead the plot-heavy Discovery brought the crew back to its home universe but nine months into the future. Almost from out of the frying pan into the fire as our heroes realised that the Klingons were winning the war in their absence.

But of course, the ramifications of the Mirror Universe adventure had a deep impact on the series viz. the apparent death of Lorca, Burnham’s decision to save Mirror Georgiou, the damage caused to Ash Tyler and the question of Burnham’s own status within Starfleet with her valiant efforts in the Mirror Universe.

Discovery has divided Trekkers with the liberties taken with the Star Trek signature tone, especially as it is seen as a ‘prequel’ of sorts to the original series.

We have preferred to view Discovery in isolation and appreciate the series on its own terms due to its stellar writing and performances. The series has been a space opera rollercoaster ride with numerous twists and turns.

Looking forward to the final two episodes – “to boldly go where no person has gone before” – indeed!

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