That – as they say – escalated quickly! The return of Star Trek : Discovery finds the ship lost in the ‘mirror’ universe (!) and on a dangerous course in order to get back home.

Now Discovery has, since its pilot episode been dividing Trek fans down the middle, and this further change in direction is not going to make things any better!

Not having resolved the Klingon war story arc, the creative team decided to pivot into this alternate reality (mis)adventure – hinted as an easter egg in earlier episodes with Stamets.

Previous Trek series have explored the ‘mirror universe’ with the Terran Empire representing the alternate version of the Federation.

This new direction does make for compelling viewing. Once the viewer is able to make peace with the fact that Discovery is a much darker version of Trek, the enjoyment and entertainment flow easily.

Yes, things seem to be moving too fast but – somewhat like the plot line over at Agents of SHIELD – one cannot help but wonder how our protagonists will get out of this mess. And that is if nothing else, intriguing.

But questions remain. How will Tyler betray his friends? Is Dr. Culber really dead? Can Tilly keep her new look? Who is the mysterious emperor of the Terran empire? How will this whole experience impact on the crew dynamic?

All aboard!

Watch the teaser:

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