Well, we knew that our protagonist Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) would end up on the USS Discovery after the events of the pilot episode/s.

The question was why and how – especially after she had been sentenced to life imprisonment for mutiny.

You might even say this episode is where the series really begins. Basically, Discovery’s captain the morally ambiguous Gabriel Lorca (Jason Issacs) engineers her re-assignment to his ship, effectively commuting her life sentence – ostensibly to assist him in the invention of a new transportation system.

But there’s more to Lorca than meets the eye. He is described by his Science Officer Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) as a “warmonger” and expresses to Burnham that he approved of her mutinous actions.

So Lorca appears to be darker than any other Starfleet captain previously characterised but perhaps it’s a more realistic portrayal and more suited for serial scifi TV in 2017.

There is a passing easter egg when Burnham reminisces to her roommate Cadet Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) about how her foster mother read Alice in Wonderland to Burnham and her son. A wonderful reference of course, to Spock and his human mother, Amanda Grayson. How they will explain the fact that Burnham has never ever been mentioned in previous Star Trek canon will be intriguing.

So far so good. Star Trek Discovery has everything a modern serial TV lover & a diehard Trekker would want.

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