Everybody loved the new Spider-Man reboot. We are no exception!

Marvel Studios demonstrated once again that they are the best at adapting their own characters and this Tom Holland incarnation felt closest to the comic book but relevant to contemporary American movie zeitgeist.

The plot was kept simple and down to earth. There is no burden on Peter Parker to save the universe but a heartfelt quest to prove himself worthy of his powers, abilities and the respect of Tony Stark.

Without the unnecessary weight of re-telling the origin story (again), director Jon Watts and his writers could focus on keeping Peter’s world small and manageable.

Performances all-round were great, Michael Keaton outstanding as Adrian Toomes/Vulture and Holland excelling in the lead role, despite early reservations. The diversity of the supporting cast is also commendable and realistic.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is brilliant as expected and surely we are going to miss him when he is now longer able to play this role. Everything was well handled – and even the music selection was top notch – from The Ramones to the Beat!

Do not miss the 2nd post-credits scene at the very very end. Essential viewing!

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