This week brought along the return of The Flash and the third episodes of Limitless and Agents of SHIELD (Season 3).

Flash 201 Firestorm

Bit of a curveball as we started Season 2 of The Flash with the disappearance of Ronnie Raymond (yeah, we know he isn’t dead – Firestorm is part of DC: Legends of Tomorrow) and Barry Allen isolating himself from his loved ones in the six months following. Well, along comes the really lame super-villain Atom Smasher, whose only purpose is to introduce the villain of the season (Zoom) and the family all coming together as one. If you are wondering, Jay Garrett (the ‘Golden Age Flash’) appears at the end. But slow moving – c’mon this is The Flash – but next episode promises more…

SHIELD 302 May

Agents of SHIELD is finally a fully-fledged superhero TV show with Daisy (formerly Skye) demonstrating her Inhuman powers. However, the team is fragmented with May hiding out with her father & Simmons on some desolated planet. But not for too long as Ward reforms HYDRA and the Agents get together again to face the emerging threat.

Limitless 103

Was rather skeptical about this TV adaptation of the Limitless movie but this episode demonstrated that the over-arching story concerning the plans that Senator Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) has for our protaganist Brian, has legs and the introduction of the diabolical Mr Sands (Colin Salmon, Walter Steele from Arrow) into Brian’s life is a masterstroke. Looking forward to see how the show develops this. Oh and Jennifer Carpenter is a pure gem as always!

… still there’s more …