A third of the way into the 2nd season of the Marvel-Netflix series Jessica Jones, one conclusion becomes unavoidable. The reason that Season 1 worked was down solely to David Tennant’s star turn as Killgrave.

Without Killgrave, one realises that Jessica Jones and her motley crew of supporting characters are bland and unremarkable.

The main thrust behind season 2 was the examination into Jessica’s past – the death of her family and her attainment of her powers at the hands of the notorious IGH.

But rather than a tale of the lone hero vs the evil corporation, what we get is a duo of unlikely and uninteresting villains – the mad scientist and his monster.

It is all a disappointing letdown and then the writers drop a bombshell – that is plainly ridiculous – in order to create a sense of deep conflict within and audience empathy for Jessica. The gambit fails!

Along the way of course, supporting characters like Trish Walker and Jeri Hogarth, get their own little arcs as well, but their stories barely deserve any attention – they came across like filler.

By now, it has become painfully clear that 13 episodes is just too much screen time when the plots are wafer thin.

The series takes an eternity to gain any momentum, if at all. Although 3 years have gone by since Season 1 – and Jessica was part of The Defenders last time out – the series totally ignores that fact and seems to pick up straight off the end of the last season!

There is a brief moment where things get a little intriguing (episodes 9 – 10, featuring an unlikely return) but it is fleeting and we find ourselves back in the same middlingly ponderous storytelling devices.

As usual, there are several illogical plot points viz. Jessica’s relationship with Oscar, her building’s new super; Trish’s problems with addiction – this time with an inhaler macguffin (?) that is never adequately explained and so on.

The overall resolution to the series is predictable and unsatisfying – there are precious few moments where it is able to transcend its clichéd narratives and boring characters to justify its existence.

If Marvel and Netflix had any sense, they would put an end to these series (except maybe Daredevil and The Punisher). But of course, the next one – Luke Cage 2 – follows in three months. Ugh.

Don’t waste your time with this big turd.

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