Iron Man 2 was only half a movie, in my humble opinion. The first half was quick-paced and exhilarating but then the wheels came off and the movie came to a tired conclusion. The sequel did well at the box office but one sensed that director Jon Favreau had lost interested in the franchise that he had kickstarted. So when it came to talk about the third Iron Man movie, Favreau passed and Shane Black came onboard.

To Black’s credit, he has managed to turn the Iron Man franchise on its (shell) head with his intriguing take on the Marvel character. Although, Iron Man Three is Black’s second directorial effort, he had established himself as a noted screenwriter with credits for the Lethal Weapon movies and The Long Kiss Goodnight under his belt. Perhaps this accounts for the manner in which Black has chosen to focus on Tony Stark more than Iron Man in his movie story.

For me, that is what is fresh about Iron Man Three – this is a different treatment of a superhero movie and Black has succeeded in re-inventing the franchise somewhat. Considering how successful The Avengers movie was, it was important for Marvel that phase 2 of its movie series made a significant impact and certainly Shane Black has delivered!

Not much more I can say, without giving away the plot details (and spoilers) but I will highly recommend this movie everybody who loved both Iron Man movies thus far, as this third installment simply blows its predecessors out of the water. And that is really saying something! Enjoy…



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  1. Best review thus far… I still prefer IM 2. You ans it, 3 focus more on Tony Stark than IM…. =)

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