Just like the Marvel Studios films, Marvel Television’s web TV series for Netflix introduced characters through solo series before leading into the Defenders team series, sometime in mid-2017. Iron Fist is the last of the solo series before the Avengers-like team up happens.

Thus far, critics have not been kind, lambasting the series of its pace and storytelling, the underwhelming fight sequences, and Finn Jones’ portrayal of Danny Rand/Iron Fist.

And whilst these complaints are justified in the main, Iron Fist is still an enjoyable TV series for Marvel enthusiasts and fans of the comic book character.

The astute amongst them will pick up on the salient themes explored in the series e.g. family ties, the importance of legacy, corporate greed, dealing with guilt and of course, the usual quest for vengeance.

Fans should also be able to savour the dysfunctional familial dynamic within the Meachum family viz. father Harold (David Wenham) and siblings, Ward (Tom Pelphrey) and Joy (Jessica Stroup) as well as the solid supporting performances of Jessica Henwick (as Colleen Wing) and Rosario Dawson (returning as Claire Temple).

The plotlines twist and turn – with the usual illogical conclusions now and then – with the characters being put through emotional trauma and confronting betrayals from loved ones – enough to keep an attentive viewer interested.

BUT Finn Jones does not cut the mustard as Danny Rand/Iron Fist. He simply comes off as boring, weak and lacking charisma. Which is what ultimately lets the series down in a big way. A pity because the delicious acting deliveries of Wenham and Pelphrey deserve better than Jones’ wet behind the ears persona.

That all said, it’s a series worth binge-watching for its zany plot despite some of the inexplicable fight scenes.

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