Written by Julien Blondel. 
Art & Colors by Didier Poli, Robin Recht & Jean Bastide.

“… the story you begin reading here is the saga of the Albino I would have written myself if I had thought of it first.”

In his introduction to this latest graphic novel adaptation of the Elric novels, Michael Moorcock, the original writer himself was obviously impressed enough to pen the above words. It’s easy to be cynical and slightly incredulous initially. Having read the book itself and previous comic book adaptations already, what new perspective could Blondel provide?

Well, as impossible as it may sound, Blondel has (together with his collaborators) actually made the Elric saga darker than ever before! Which seems fitting when you consider what dark times we live in now.

Thus, Elric and the Melibonians seem even more inhuman and the scenarios more decadent – there is blood and gore on a different level and the sacrifice of innocents bring new depths of depravity to the table.

It is a re-assuring to see Moorcock’s classic sword and sorcery tales being brought to a new audience and hopefully, its success will encourage film studios to risk the production of a film adaptation of Elric.

Elric: The Ruby Throne is available at Books Kinokuniya.

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