For a scifi-superhero movie that is slated for release later this year (August), virtually no advance information of the new Fantastic Four movie is available online except a couple of interviews, a plot summary and this fuzzy photograph (above) of the cast when shooting wrapped last year!

Yes, this reboot of the comic book that launched the Marvel Universe itself is only seven months away and the silence over at Fox is deafening. And can anyone blame Fox? After all, the initial buzz of having Chronicle’s Josh Trank helm the movie dissipated quickly when the cast was announced (Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm).

The last two choices were particularly controversial for obvious reasons as fans opined that physically, both Jordan and Bell did not resemble the characters whatsoever. The situation worsened when actors admitted that the movie would not be faithful to the source material – Mara confirmed that director Trank advised her NOT to read the comic book before shooting began!

Then, Toby Kebbell came on board as Victor Domashev (not Von Doom) – an anti-social programmer known as “Doom” online. The fans went ballistic at the thought of the villainous Dr Doom being portrayed as a blogger! Could things get any worse for the Fantastic Four movie?

Well, how about Marvel canceling the Fantastic Four comic book so that it would not assist to market the film when it opened in August? Allegedly, Marvel is upset with the way Fox is presenting the Fantastic Four and decided on this unprecedented move to express its displeasure. Or perhaps it has something to do with Marvel wanting the movie rights to the Fantastic Four back? Or perhaps it’s a tactic to hinder a superhero movie competitor? Who knows?

It does seem like the odds are stacked against the Fantastic Four movie succeeding (although Fox has already scheduled a sequel for 2017!) but one never knows. From now till August, much will depend on how Fox markets the movie – definitely the underdog at this point in time.

We will keep you posted of the latest developments.

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