Differences arise between Avengers,Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Iron Man (Tony Stark), over the proper response to the Government’s demands for oversight over superhuman activities. Then, Rogers’ best friend Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) is implicated in a terrorist act and Rogers has to choose between Barnes or Stark, which leads to disastrous consequences for the Avengers.

A strong conflict for our hero, Captain America, provides dramatic moments that underpin the story. Although there are serious logic problems with the manner in which this conflict is set up, the narrative flows when it focuses on Cap himself and his moral dilemmas. Trouble is, the movie is also the launching pad for two new MCU characters (viz. Spider-Man and Black Panther) and the in the former’s case, it is by and large done very awkwardly, whereas the film has a better handle on Black Panther. There is a powerful emotional resonance built around the the conflict mainly through events rather than characterisation. The action sequences, as usual, are impeccable.

The Avengers v Avengers fight at the airport. Cap & Bucky vs Iron Man in the movie’s climax. Everything about Black Panther works!

Bottom Line
A competent superhero movie with serious plotting flaws. Eminently watchable if you are able to ignore the numerous leaps of logic required by the flimsy plot.

In the cinemas now!

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