“Where are we now?”

The end of the season 4 finale teased that our beloved SHIELD agents were somehow in space and left many in much speculation that somehow the new season would be tied in to the events in Avengers : Infinity War.

In fact, the opposite is probably true as not only were Coulson, May, Mac, Daisy, Gemma and Yoyo (poor Fitz is left behind, for some reason) transported off-earth but somehow they also travel to the future! Which removes any possibility of any crossover with Infinity War whatsoever!!

Worse news is in store for our heroes as they soon discover that in this very dark future, the Earth has been destroyed and the human survivors are living under the oppression of Kree rule and things begin to look very bleak.

Damn! Can’t Agents of SHIELD¬†ever catch a break here after the harrowing experience of the Framework last season? It certainly is a bold move for the series but it is beyond most viewers’ imagination how our heroes could possibly make it back to the past, never mind trying to survive in their new circumstances.

Which why Season 5 should be an interesting experience for fans and newbies alike.

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