Four episodes in, Agents of SHIELD season 5 continues its bleak worldview as our beloved agents continue to suffer under Kree oppression in this dystopian alternative future.

Last time out, Daisy had been captured by the Kree, betrayed by Deke. Daisy finds a new ally in the Inhuman telepath Ben, who reveals Kasius’ true intentions – to ultimately destroy the Lighthouse station when he leaves.

The episode also provides more detail about Deke’s motivations and the nature of the Lighthouse station. To make matters worse, not only is May added to the list of captured agents, Mac’s personal demons regarding his daughter are dredged up once again.

Like The Gifted over at Fox, Agents of SHIELD demonstrates the opportunities for emotional weight and resonance in fantastical stories of Mutants, Inhumans, space and alternate realities.

Not forgetting still, moments of humour and pathos and a genuine surprise in the end!

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