Suffice to say, in recent times the best stories have usually been found on TV. Well, technically, cable and online streaming. This year was no different.

With super-heroes dominating the big screen in 2017, it’s no surprise that there were numerous stellar comic book adaptations that caught the attention this year.

Surprisingly enough, Fox led the way with superior fare in Legion and The Gifted, which finally took X-Men lore very seriously and reaped the benefits. Whether the two series will be impacted by Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, remains to be seen.

Over at Hulu, the popular teen comic The Runaways also received massive kudos for a faithful take. Rather like AMC’s PreacherThe Runaways deserves praise for balancing spot-on characterisations without slavishly following the plots covered in the books themselves.

Worthy mentions also go to The Punisher and Agents of SHIELD, for delivering on their promise.

That all said, there were huge missteps with The Defenders and the Inhumans, the less said about the latter, the better! AND, of course, CW’s DC super-heroes began stressing tone over plot and effectively destroyed any goodwill that The Flash had built up in its superior debut.

On the scifi & fantasy front, there was plenty to savour with space operas The Expanse and Star Trek: Discovery managing satisfying mature interpretations, whereas new seasons of Rick and Morty, Mr Robot, Stranger Things, Colony and The Leftovers were matched by debuts from American Gods and The Handmaid’s Tale, to cap an amazing year.

But of course, the biggest TV show of the year was without a doubt, Game of Thrones with a penultimate season that broke viewership records and had rabid fans going apeshit over more and more revelations.

We expect even more from 2018. Make sure you join us for another thrilling TV adventure!

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