Deaf in Venice EP
(Pink Hedgehog)

Part of the fun of running your own reviews site is being able to showcase lesser known music you personally um… dig.

Pink Hedgehog Records has been supporting Power of Pop for years now with regular packages of great power pop every now and then.

The man behind Pink Hedgehog – Simon Felton – is the same person behind Garfields Birthday and like Jeremy Morris (of Jam Recordings) favors the Beatles-Byrds jangle folk pop that conquered the planet in the mid-60s – now more than 40 years ago. Imagine that…

So I hope you will forgive me if I give this spanking new Garfields Birthday EP a little more attention that would be normally accorded to three-tracked discs.

“We Know Your Name”- opens with a gorgeous 12-string (Rickenbacker?) guitar and Simon Felton channeling the late Gene Clark. That 60s vibes permeates every aspect of this lively song – from the memorable tune to those McGuinn-Crosby harmony backing vocals. Traces of R.E.M. and Teenage Fanclub abound as well.

“Take A Ride” – a driving catchy ditty – sung by Shane Felton – is similarly 60s-fueled but reminds one of The Kinks with its off-kilter, roughly hewn quality. Relentless in its own way, as the slightly repetitive verse burrows deep into your consciousness. Snatches of psychedelic rock filter through in waves.

“Cocaine Joe” – a little downbeat rocker finds James Laming singing rather low in his vocal range. The song moves ahead of its colleagues bearing strong resemblance to the Paisley Underground scene of the 80s viz. Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate and yes, R.E.M.

A fine sampler for the upcoming new album – “Let Them Eat Cake.”

Can hardly wait. A