Calm before the storm

Thus far, the final season of Game of Thrones has been pretty meh. After the manner in which the Night King was summarily dispatched – in only one episode, no less – the 4th episode made it all about Dany vs Cersei once more.

The idiot with the magic bullet

When Dany decides – unwisely, as it turns out – to split her forces to return to Dragonstone, she (and her dragons) are ambushed by Euron who somehow manages to kill one of the dragons whilst hiding his fleet behind a mountain!

On screen, we see giants spears flying from nowhere and then suddenly Euron’s fleet appears – from behind a mountain? How the fuck were they able to hit the dragon so accurately without line of sight and how did those spears magically bend around that same mountain? Ludicrous.

Permanent resting bitch face

Then, of course, we are treated to Cersei’s devolution into a clich├ęd villain, sneering and smirking her way through the execution of Missandei. It is painful to watch, and not for the right reasons.


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