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U.K. band FUR is a breath of fresh air for lovers of classic guitar pop-rock and many are looking forward to seeing FUR live in Singapore this coming Wednesday, 6th November 2019 at the Hard Rock Cafe. Ahead of this exciting FUR live show, a couple of questions were posed to the band and the boys replied via email.

How did the band first get together? Was it similar to one of those music biopics?

We all moved to Brighton for university and ended up meeting by coincidence. I guess the part closest to a biopic was meeting Flynn. Murray walked up to him in a bar and asked if he played drums because he looked cool and then he came to a practice the next day.

When did you decide to turn the band into a serious business? What was the turning point?

It pretty much happened after ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’ blew up on YouTube, we realized we were onto something!

What was the reason for looking back to 50s and 60s pop music for inspiration? Did you have to raid your parents’ vinyl collections?

We all grew up listening to a wide range of music and share a love of 60s/50s songwriting and style that in turn strongly informed how we write and style ourselves. We are influenced a lot by that era but we bring a modern approach to it so it sounds fresh.

What is the Brighton music scene like? Came across a quote online that it has the worst music scene in the UK – is that true?

It’s not the worst music scene, some really good bands have come from there and most of our friends are in really good bands. It’s sad because it could be such a good music scene but a lot of the music venues are closing down and it doesn’t really feel like there is a scene there anymore. Maybe it’s because we don’t fit in there.

What were your expectations when you uploaded the video of “If You Know That I’m Lonely”?

We didn’t at all expect it to get anywhere near as much attention as it did because we were such a small and independent band but it’s amazing how well it’s done. I feel like now we have evolved a lot as a band and can really take it to the next level, wherever that is.

What have you done to exploit this viral success?

I don’t think we did that much to exploit it, we didn’t have a manager or a team around us at the time to help us exploit it. It was all very organic and I think that really adds to it. 

What do you hope to achieve with FUR?

Right now I think we’d all like to be able to pay rent and live comfortably because money can be tight being in a band. After that I think it’d be to release an album that resonates with people and that we can be proud of.

Do you have any crazy pop music fantasies you’d like to fulfil?

I’ve never really thought about it. A number one single wouldn’t be bad would it?

Read in an interview that you have significant fanbases in Indonesia and South America. Would touring in these countries be a viable option?

We played in Jakarta early on in 2019 and that was the most amazing experience. We are playing again on November 3rd at Gud Fest as well as playing in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We’d love to go to South America one day, hopefully someone asks us to play.

What do you hope to do in Singapore – apart from the gig – anything you’ve heard about Singapore that you’re looking forward to?

I’ve heard the gardens are really beautiful. I quite like history so anything historical. Of course I’d like to try the local cuisine, Asian food is definitely some of the best food.

Thanks to LAMC Productions for making this interview possible.

Stay tuned for a SECOND interview with FUR when they are in Singapore!

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