Foundation S01E09 Review

Foundation S01E09 is the penultimate instalment of the first season of an American science fiction epic streaming drama based on the classic novel series written by Isaac Asimov. Asimov developed high concepts regarding the decline and fall of empires and civilisations in his Foundation series of novels (number seven in total).

Entitled “The First Crisis”, Foundation S01E09 begins to wrap up some of the ongoing plot lines set out in season 1 thus far. Two main narratives keep our attention for this episode. One, Salvor Hardin’s continued struggle with the Anacreonian forces, which to be honest is getting very tiresome with its constant back and forth. Two, Brother Dawn’s dilemma as he seeks to change his life forever, with the assistance of the gardener Azura.

Foundation S01E09 Review

Both sub-plots are resolved up to a point, though presumably the ultimate fates of Hardin/Terminus and Brother Dawn will be determined in the season finale, the events leading up to the cliff-hanger ending of sorts was rather predictable in the main. The First Crisis – such as it is – is a key plot point in the novel, though not in the manner that is presented here and of course, the Cleon clones are a complete deviation.

Foundation S01E09 Review

Significantly, there is no mention of Gaal Dornick whatsoever so will she finally get to Terminus in the final episode? There appears to be whether the story is headed, but would it make any sense to have both Dornick and Hardin in the same place? That remains to be seen.

Foundation S01E09 Review

We sincerely hope that like Y The Last Man, Foundation has a strong season 1 finale that will justify the continuation of the series into a second season. The original premise had so much potential but as Foundation S01E09 once more demonstrates, is utterly wasted by the folks behind the series.


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