Foundation S01E07 Review

Foundation S01E07 is the seventh instalment of the first season of an American science fiction epic streaming drama based on the classic novel series written by Isaac Asimov. Asimov developed high concepts regarding the decline and fall of empires and civilisations in his Foundation series of novels (number seven in total).

Entitled “Mysteries and Martyrs”, Foundation S01E07 seems to have crystallised the final story arc of this season 1 and divided the same into three sub-plots. First, we have Salvor Hardin with the Terminus inhabitants being forced to co-operate with the Anacreonian army to restore a planet-killing warship to use against the Empire. Second, we have Brother Day, the ruling Cleon clone on the planet Maiden, with the android Demerzel, trying their level best to prevent the ascension of Zephyr Halima to the Maiden leadership. Finally, there’s Gaal Dornick stuck on a ship to Helicon, with a surprising fellow passenger.

Foundation S01E07 Review

Foundation S01E07, unfortunately, doubles down on the flawed adaptation of Isimov’s classic novel, in an obvious effort to appeal to TV viewers weaned on the inferior scifi and fantasy TV tropes that have been de rigueur in recent times. Thus, Asimov’s political intrigue and clever manipulations of characters have been replaced with violence throughout.

Foundation S01E07 Review

The only positive development that comes out of this adaptation is the Cleon clones, which do not exist in the original novels. We believe that that the premise of a genetic dynasty is an intelligent manner to deal with the concept of a royal line that is not just from the family but the same person! Thus, at least the challenges the Emperor faces to his rule and authority have a unique ring. As well as the idea that the Cleon clones are beginning to differ in the manner in which they handle situations, which is contrary of course to their genetic programming.

Foundation S01E07 Review

Foundation S01E07 is far from perfect but at least in a certain sense is not a complete loss.


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