EVE SELIS Do You Know Me (Hot)

Here’s a factoid for ya – over at the Eve Selis page at MP3.com (www.mp3.com/eveselis) go ahead, I can wait…– Selis has managed over a million downloads – incredible isn’t it! Even more amazing is the powerful country folk-blues Selis conjures with her superior songwriting and excellent vocal performances. It’s hard not to be struck immediately by the emotional and soulful authority that Selis (and cracking band – Sharon Whyte; keys, vocals; Marc ‘Twang’ Intravaia: guitar, vocals; Bob Sale: drums, vocals; ‘Cactus Jim Soldi: guitar, vocals & Rick nash: bass) summons on this fine album.

More than that, the songs deliver a spiritual message that is relevant for our troubled times.

Like the title track, where Selis exhorts us not forget the less unfortunate in our midst – “Hey do you know me/I’m a beggar on the street/I know I’m good for something/If only for one thing/Maybe to remind you that you have all you need.” Or the dire need to re-invent ourselves in the feisty “Tear This Old House Down” – “To save my soul I gotta tear this old house down.”

Elsewhere, Selis reminds us of the value of true love with the pleasing “In My Dreams,” the bluegrass ditty “Ain’t Got Nothin’,” the gorgeous “My Whisper” and the swampy “Down to Love,” where Selis declares, “I fall down/And you’re there at every turn/To bring me round/You’d think by now I’d/Learn to let the small things pass/I still forget just one thing lasts.”

I’ve got to confess that country music has seldom sounded so energized and so dynamic. It’s time you got to know Eve Selis. www.eveselis.com