Cashew Chemists

Saving the best for last? I must confess that this spanking new EP from Cashew Chemists might very well be tied for best release of 2015 with Cheating Sons’ eponymous sophomore effort. Mainly because of its dogged  persistence in the pursuit of old school pop-rock excellence.

Seriously, folks, when I listened to “I Feel Amazing”, all I could think of was — “Blur with Balls” — meaning 90s alt-rock with classic pop smarts! The rest of Previously On … does not let up on this agenda – infectious tunes, jagged rhythms, straightforward arrangements and an attitude of fun that permeates every second of music heard.

“Take a Walk” has an absolute killer chorus hook, “Sarah” has an assured melodic smoothness and “First Kiss” channels Arctic Monkey into a cocky blues stomp.

Co-produced by the band and the legendary Leonard Soosay, this record is a statement of intent with the boys promising — “the release also marks the beginning of a bold new journey for the band.” Can hardly wait to see what’s next in store!

Thank you Cashew Chemists for proving to this old fart that rock ’n’ roll ain’t dead in Singapore – it’s still very much alive and kicking! Rock on!


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