Elo Deep Cuts

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) is known for popular hits like “Mr. Blue Sky” and “Don’t Bring Me Down,” but their discography is filled with lesser-known gems. Here are ten ELO deep cuts from the band’s discography that are worth checking out:

“One Summer Dream” (Face the Music)
This dreamy acoustic track closes out the album and is a beautiful showcase of Jeff Lynne’s songwriting and guitar skills.

“Boy Blue” (Eldorado)
An energetic and groovy track that highlights ELO’s ability to blend genres.

“Shangri-la” (A New World Record)
A soaring epic that showcases the band’s orchestral arrangements and Lynne’s impressive vocals.

“The Whale” (Out of the Blue)
A haunting and cinematic track that tells the story of a whale’s journey through the ocean.

“Bluebird is Dead” (On the Third Day)
A melancholic ballad that features Lynne’s vocals and haunting piano paired with orchestral backing.

“Tightrope” (A New World Record)
A funky and upbeat track that features a catchy chorus and infectious groove.

“21st Century Man” (Time)
A lively rock number that speaks to the experience of a man who feels out of place and disconnected in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

“Rockaria!” (A New World Record)
A rock opera-style track that features operatic vocals and a catchy chorus.

“Endless Lies” (Secret Messages)
With its haunting melody and melancholy lyrics, this atmospheric ballad is a standout on the album.

“Wild West Hero” (Out of the Blue)
A theatrical and cinematic track that tells the story of a cowboy’s journey through the American West.

In conclusion, while ELO is known for their classic hits, their discography is filled with lesser-known gems that showcase the band’s impressive musicianship and songwriting abilities. These ten ELO deep cuts are just a few examples of the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

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