Electric Dreams Episode 6

Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams – Episode 6 is the sixth instalment of the scifi anthology series and just might be the best one thus far. Entitled “Human Is”, this episode demonstrates how engaging and thrilling a Dick adaptation can be, when the story remains faithful to the source material.

What does it mean to be human?

The plot is simple. Terra is at war with the Rexorians. Silas (Bryan Cranston) and Vera (Essie Davis) are a married couple who are both Terran leaders involved in the war. Silas is a terrible husband and treats Essie horribly.

Electric Dreams Episode 6

Then Silas leads an attack on the Rexorians and is thought to have died. Silas returns but he has changed and has somehow become a loving husband to Essie. General OIin (Liam Cunningham) and Yaro (Ruth Bradley) suspect that Silas is a Rexorian who has possessed Sila’s body and put him on trial. What will Essie do? Ironically, the Rexorian seems more ‘human’ than Silas ever was – he is kind, empathetic and caring, and Essie stands up for him. Does this make this alien creature human then?

This episode is a more sensual one as it focuses on the relationship between Silas and Essie – thus, be prepared for sex scenes between the leads to emphasise how much Silas has changed. Cranston does a good job in contrasting the two versions of Silas and Davis oozes sex appeal and vulnerability with every scene.

Yes, it’s all rather predictable as a story but as we have explained time and again, these short stories were written in the 50s and were somewhat formulaic. Kudos then to the team behind Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams – Episode 6 for getting as much as they did out of it!

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