Dune Graphic Novel cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

This Dune Graphic Novel is a godsend. It’s no secret to visitors to Power of Pop that I love comic books. So a chance to read one of my favourite scifi novels in comic book form was, like I said, a godsend. In addition, the Dune Graphic Novel is of critical interest while we wait for the Denis Villeneuve film adaptation coming only in 2022.

I have enjoyed various attempts to adapt Philip K Dick classics into comic book form, most notably Electric Ant and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. So, I have no problem with the concept in itself. As long as the adaptation is faithful to the source material, I am very game to be on board.

In this case, we have Brian Herbert (son of Dune author Frank) and his collaborator in the Dune Expanded Universe novels, Kevin J Anderson to handle the writing on the Dune Graphic Novel. Who better to attempt this than the foremost experts on Frank Herbert Dune mythos? The art is illustrated by Raúl Allén and Patricia Allen and appears competent and serviceable. Again, this is exactly what I am looking for in a comic book adaptation.

Better still, the writers do their best to present the novel in a way that perhaps Frank Herbert himself would have wanted. By covering the story book by book. After all, the Dune novel is itself comprised of three books and this graphic novel adapts the first book viz. Dune. Thus, the graphic novel does not skim over any main story event but by the same token does not get bogged down in minutiae either.

Anyone familiar with the novel will enjoy this adaptation, as it brings forth the key fan-favourite scenes, from Paul Atredies encounter with the Reverend Mother on Caladan to House Atredies move to Arrakis to Harkonen machinations to Paul and Lady Jessica’s flight into the desert. Running to 181 pages, the story flows smoothly and that is to the credit of writers and artists. The art is clean and functional without being too distractingly stylised with clear storytelling being the priority.

I would recommend that you prepare for the 2022 movie by first reading the novel and then the Dune Graphic Novel. The 2nd book in Dune viz Muad’dib will be published in 2022 as well. Highly recommended.

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