The Parson Red Heads

Part two of our recommended 2013 listening list from music currently streaming at Spotify.

The Parson Red HeadsOrb Weaver

Probably one the bands that come closest to the spirit and vibe of 90s alt-country (viz. Son Volt, The Jayhawks, Wilco), The Parson Red Heads released one of the most 60s-evoking albums this year.

Beachwood SparksDesert Skies

Technically, not a new album, Desert Skies constituted the shelved debut LP of this wondrous Cosmic American musical outfit. One of the finest country-folk-pop collections heard this year.

Brother KiteModel Rocket

A joyous power pop album. Nuff said!

White LiesBig TV

The post-punk revival may have run its course but as long as bands like White Lies continue to make epic, melodramatic, catchy 80s inspired music (as found on Big TV), not too many people should be complaining.

Minor AlpsGet There

No new Nada Surf material this year but this collaboration between Matthew Caws and Juliana Hatfield is probably the closest we get. Good enough!

SavagesSilence Yourself

One of the hottest indie rock bands in 2013 and this was the reason why. That and an authoritative stage presence. Edgy and passionate.

Russian CirclesMemorial

Doing what they do best, the dark majesty of Russian Circles provided heart-wrenching and pulsating instrumental rock for those with ears inclined to simply hear.

Arctic MonkeysAM

Already feted as one of the best albums of 2013, these Brit-rockers tried to re-invent themselves with a touch of soul/R&B and succeeded, by and large.


Another great comeback album! Certainly, none of their Britpop peers (save for Primal Scream) have released an album coming close to this since the heyday of the 90s.

Primal ScreamMore Light

Got to hand it to Bobby Gillespie and company – this is an invigorating album and demonstrates that Primal Scream are not quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. Brilliant!

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