Besnard Lakes!

As promised, here is the first part of a list of recommended listening of 2013 releases that you have access to on Spotify! Enjoy…

Besnard LakesUntil In Excess, the Imperceptible UFO

Have been loving this Montreal band for a while now, and music fans should take them seriously as an alternative to fellow countrymen Arcade Fire. Their gorgeous mix of Pink Floyd meets mid-60s Beach Boys is enthralling. “Specter” is one of my songs of the year.


Did you just say “Shoegaze meets Screamo”? And why the fuck not? Brilliant contrast of styles and tone. “Irresistible”, is exactly that. Edgy stuff.

After the BurialWolves Within

Math-like progressive metal with uncompromising melodic sensibilities. “Disconnect” is a 80s power ballad in metalcore guise. Brilliant.

Dream TheaterS/t

DT going from strength to strength in the wake of Mike Portnoy’s departure (which now seems irrelevant). Along with Steven Wilson, flying the neo-prog flag with pride. “The Looking Glass” is a wondrous Rush/Styx tribute!

The Avett BrothersMagpie and the Dandelion

Forget the fake hipster alt-country that is all the rage now, the Avett Brothers are the real deal! Folky blues with country soul that cannot be easily duplicated. “Never Been Alive” sounds like Neil Young fronting Pink Floyd – gorgeous!

Of Montreallousy with sylvianbriar

Gorgeous 60s styled pop from these wonderful pscyh-rockers. Still goin’ strong!

Portugal, The ManEvil Friends

Speaking of psych-rock… Beatlesque magic still holds reign over portions of the indie rock wasteland and thank goodness for that. Dynamic.

British Sea PowerMachineries of Joy

Has been a pleasure to witness BSP’s growth from Joy Division/Bunnymen acolytes into widescreen rock exponents.

Jim JanesRegions of Light and Sound of God

The My Morning Jacket frontman obviously needed to get this album out of his system. Quite a departure from MMJ’s usual approach – self-indulgent and eccentric in parts but an interesting exercise nonetheless.

WireChange Becomes Us

As far as post-punk influences go, Wire tends to be under the radar somewhat – which is a severe injustice. Never mind, cos this comeback album demonstrated that the band still has its edgy pop chops.

… still there’s more …