Alright. Here’s the deal – every week I randomly pick FIVE new releases listed at Spotify and tell you what I think (YAY or NAY?!), very spontaneously! No holds barred – fasten your seatbelts! Let me know what you think of the music in the comments…


Describing Danish rockers The Raveonettes simply as post-punk revivalists does not do their music any justice. Sure, their style is predicated on the 80s post-punk, especially an obvious admiration for Jesus and Mary Chain, but in fact their sonic agenda covers a much wider range that encapsulates influences as diverse as The Everly Brothers and The Velvet Underground. This new one – album #7 – is a sheer joy to behold, filled with the duo’s trademarked noise-rock ambience enveloping well constructed melodic songs. YAY!

LOVERBOYUnfinished Business

40 years in the making, this album from 80s rock band Loverboy, is a compilation of previously unreleased material. And it’s everything a rabid fan of that epoch will ever need to satisfy melodic hard rock cravings. It’s all very radio-friendly (80s styled) of course – crunching power chords with cheesy synths on top – and high register vocals will bring it all home. For diehards only. NAY!


English electronic musician Airhead brings a strong 90s techno vibe to this impressive EP. His ‘genre’ has been described as “abstract downtempo” (whatever the fuck that means) but believe me when I say, I much prefer his work over close associate James Blake. The beauty electronica is coming up with sounds that are unique but familiar enough to enjoy. That’s more or less what you get with Believe. YAY!

SAMMY KERSHAWDo You Know Me? A Tribute to George Jones

Country singer Sammy Kershaw pays tribute to the legendary George Jones with a collection that is authentic in every way to the spirit of the pioneering Country & Western artist. Lovingly put together, with every note in exactly the place you’d expect, Do You Know Me? is a good introduction to the work of Jones and Kershaw, and good old fashioned country music. YAY!


Slick whiteboy blue-eyed soul, dressed up in designer suits – can you say “Justin Timberlake”? It’s pretty difficult to avoid the JT comparisons when talking about Jesse McCartney. To be fair, JT fans will get more or less the same vibe from this latest album – although for a soul album, it does sometimes come across all cold and manufactured. Welcome to modern pop, I guess. NAY!

… still there’s more …