Freakin Eureka

Freakin Eureka possibly encapsulates the emotional high that pop listeners will experience when confronted with this compact 40-minute collection.

Earlier albums (Undertow & The Life You’re faking) traced the Dipsomaniac roots to Cheap Trick and the Replacements without apology or reservation.

Freakin Eureka finds the band stretching for a bit more range and sophistication and succeeding on “Low Level Search For God,” “Black Cloud,” “Beautiful Outside,”“Worthless” and “Loneliness” where the likes of the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Big Star, the Who and the Raspberries are evoked with ease.

Elsewhere, the rollicking “Prince Harry,” jaunty “Calvin” and drowsy “Always Forgetting Something” maintain Mick Chorba’s love affair with Paul Westerberg.

Stronger with each listen, Freakin Eureka is tasty meat-and-potatoes guitar rock which powerpop and garage fans will relish. B