Bowie Blackstar

The legendary David Bowie thrilled all his fans with his fabulous comeback album The Next Day back in 2013 and diehards have been hoping and praying that the LP was not a one-off. Thankfully, Bowie is back with a new album for 2016 – Blackstar!

Unlike The Next Day’s nostalgic nods to early pop-rock, Blackstar is more experimental in scope sharing a similar iconoclastic approach as Bowie’s Berlin period albums viz. Low and “Heroes”, where Bowie collaborated with art-rock pioneers Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

Possibly the best way to describe this album is that it is Bowie attempting to put his own stamp on avant-garde jazz-rock. Atonal melodies intertwine with more traditional ones effortlessly.

Progressive elements also provide a dogged persistence to develop songs that deviate greatly from three minute pop. Songs like the title track, “Dollar Days”, “Lazarus” and “Girl Loves Me” finds Bowie pursuing his artistic muse, wherever it might lead me.

Final track “I Can’t Give Everything Away” is a gorgeously dreamy mid tempo ballad that is at once beautiful and esoteric. To be honest, that description would be apt for the entirety of Blackstar. First class art-rock is back and how!

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