Love is all you need.

Pop culture in a time of COVID-19 is something difficult to contemplate. At the beginning of 2020, I was planning for a new album and getting back to performing live again after a 5-year hiatus. Well, the best laid plans, as they say. The irony is not lost on me.

The isolation that has followed the outbreak is extremely hard on anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety-related disorders. Like me. I experience almost daily anxiety attacks of various degrees with mood swings fluctuating wildly. Though where once I might have had extreme highs, these have been wiped out somewhat by the pandemic experience.

Personally, my domestic life is also one of isolation, having been separated from my spouse for almost a decade – the lack of intimacy is also a heavy burden to bear. Especially as, for me, touch is a prime love language and being deprived of that for such an extended time is seriously tough for my mental health.

So it might be difficult for people who ‘know’ me from my social media presence or my reputation as a music ‘legend’ to appreciate what I am going through on the inside. Especially if they cannot understand anxiety sufferers, they might judge me for expressing my frustration, anger and sadness in what they might deem inappropriate.

Which is why I have taken the step to open up about my state of mind in these confessional pieces. I hope that it will not only provide non-sufferers an insight into our world but will encourage fellow anxiety sufferers to understand themselves and to be aware of the fact that they are not alone. And that, ultimately, they can reach out to others to talk about their issues, hopefully in a safe non-judgemental environment.

Thus, you can connect with me by sending me a private message at the Power of Pop Facebook page, if you feel the need to share your thoughts about this issue (but not in the public space). Everything shared will be private and confidential, of course.

Take care and stay safe. You can read my first entry in this series here. Love is all you need.

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