Another Vivid Scene
(Craven Hill)

As long as bands like Crash Into June are able to assimilate the weight of classic pop-rock’s influences into everything that passes for modern rock music, fans of melodic rock ‘n’ roll will always be well served. Consisting of the Norris brothers – Dave and Johnny (on guitar and bass respectively) together with John Boswell (drums) and Dylan Cranmer (guitar), Crash Into June parlay a energetic blend of hook-savvy guitar rock with a rustic songwriting sensibility that translates into a distinctive burst of verve and craft that leaves an impression that lasts.

The Norris brothers may name-check the likes of Teenage Fanclub, The Posies, Matthew Sweet et al, in the band’s bio but certainly the inspiration of powerpop & alt-country figures greatly in their raison d'ętre. The latter informs wonderfully fragile tracks like the gorgeous “Read Me Wrong,” the poignant “Halfway There,” the radiant “Smitten” and the forlorn “Looking For An Out.” But if it’s vigor you want, then look no further than the gloriously upbeat “Adorable,” the new wave Kinksy “Breakthrough,” the scratchy dynamic “Just A Guy” and the phase-drenched “My Beautiful Trainwreck.”

Crisply produced by Neilson Hubbard, Another Vivid Scene, is one you may have missed in 2003 but there’s  still time to redress a serious error. A-