Top of the Pop

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is not a place where you might expect to find someone with a powerpop heart. But Aidil – singer, songwriter and frontman of Couple – is exactly that – an ordinary man with the passion, belief and conviction to bring the delights of powerpop to audiences which have no idea what the term even means.

Despite the obvious lack of commercial opportunities writing and singing powerpop songs may provide in South East Asia, Aidil – who is a lawyer by day – manages to spend his spare time producing some of the best authentic powerpop around.

Aidil’s modus operandi is fairly straightforward, he concocts 2-3 minute songs about love and having fun and wraps them up in the sweetest reference points – the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits etc.

There’s nothing complicated about Aidil and Couple – what you see is what you get – honest to goodness sunshine pop.

Whether it is the frenetic “Now That I Can See,” the lovable “Tentang Rita,” the Beatlesque “Gotta Be My Gurl” (complete with “You Gonna Lose That Girl” backing vox!), the gorgeous “Turning Melancholy to Magic,” the dynamic “It Don’t Mean Much,” the jaunty “Say Hi,” the bouncy “You Don’t Have To Be So Nice” or the raucous “Are You Ready?, Top pf the Pop  is half an hour of pure, unadulterated, adrenalized powerpop. Get your dose right now! A

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