The Claustrophobes take pride in their dedication to the melodic guitar pop cause. More specifically, the type of music richly mined by the likes of Elvis Costello and the Smithereens. Underdog Pop is aptly titled as the pop underground continues to throw up works of classic pop tunesmithery and craftsmanship. Where good 'old fashioned' values like catchy tunes and thoughtful lyrics are not only preserved but promoted.

"Internet Girl" is a melancholic lament of unrequited love, the humourous "No Fun At All" is surf-cow-rock instrumental bliss, the gentle rocking "Dumb American" is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the ol' ball and chain (I think!) with a sly lyrical reference to Genesis' "Get 'Em Out By Friday" and "Con Man" is a jaunty romp well informed by Jellyfish-like backing vocals.

All told, there is enough justification for Underdog Pop to be on the "Must-have" lists of the average pop fan. B-