Clarice S01E04

Clarice S01E04 is the fourth instalment of this psychological crime TV drama series based on The Silence of the Lambs novel and movie adaptation. Entitled “You Can’t Rule Me”, Clarice S01E04 is a continuation of the whistleblower murder conspiracy narrative from the previous episode.

Clarice S01E04 picks up straight away from the death of the suspect in VICAPS custody as Agent Starling and VICAP are investigated by her boss Krendler’s rival at the Bureau, SA Anthony Herman (David Hewlett). While this development appears to slow down the storyline somewhat, Starling continues to investigate and explore her conspiracy theory in spite of the ongoing investigation into VICAP.

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In truth, this episode is probably the worst one so far. Too much of the plot was focused on Herman’s vendetta against Krendler. We understand that this was meant to provide background on Krendler himself but we are not sure if such character detail is necessary in the context of this series. Thus, in that sense, as mentioned above, these scenes – especially between Krendler and Herman – totally slowed down the key plot line.

In addition, for some reason, the episode also features a conflict between Starling and Ardelia Mapp. Now, Mapp is Starling’s FBI colleague and roommate, and is selected by Herman to assist in the VICAP investigation. This puts Starling at odds with Mapp. Not only that but a social justice issue is shoehorned into the Starling-Mapp dynamic as Mapp is given a realisation that her marginalised FBI career is due to racism and begins to resent Starling for the latter’s seeming quick fire success in the Bureau.

Again, we understand the need to build up supporting characters to make Starling more interesting as well but all this appears to come from left field and unearned. All of which contribute to the weak episode that “You Can’t Rule Me” disappointingly is.

The illogical conclusion to the epidose compounds this sense of disappointment before a predictable cliffhanger is dropped on Starling at the end. Hopefully, episode 5 will wrap up these strands satisfactorily.

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