Clarice S01E03

Clarice S01E03 is the third instalment of this psychological crime TV drama series based on The Silence of the Lambs novel and movie adaptation. Entitled “Are You Alright?”, Clarice S01E03 returns to the plot introduced in the pilot episode after the excursion of the previous one.

Essentially, the ongoing plot involves serial killings that Agent Starling is convinced is a conspiracy of assassinations designed to appear like the work of a serial killer. At the end of the pilot, Agent Starling had captured the killer in question who had requested that a deal be made for the information he possessed.

This episode fundamentally revolves around the suspect in custody as the VICAP team attempts to present the murders as serial killings per the Attorney-General’s instructions. Of course, Agent Starling has entirely different ideas about the whole affair.


At least in this episode, Agent Starling is able to earn the trust of her boss and colleagues sufficiently such that it’s not a constant barrage of obstacles faced by Agent Starling that occupies the tension and conflict in the story. That said, there is enough psychological damage within Agent Starling to keep the viewer on the edge as to how she will respond to various stimuli along the way.

Rebecca Breeds continues to carry the role of Agent Starling remarkably well. The contrast of her petite stature with deep insights keeps things interesting. Breeds plays the part with cold detachment, while retraining the severe PTSD that the character is barely controls beneath the surface.

Agent Starling’s interactions with her therapist (played by Shawn Doyle from The Expanse) continue to be combative and Agent Starling’s insistence on resisting his advice is a plot development that should be intriguing to follow. Will the series bring in a Hannibal-type character as replacement?

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