Clarice S01E02

Clarice S01E02 is the 2nd episode in this first season of the FBI crime drama based on the Silence of the Lambs book and movie. This spin-off from the award-winning film focuses on the character of FBI Agent Clarice Starling and her exploits as a member of a violent crimes unit.

In the pilot, it was established that after the events of the film, Agent Starling has become a minor celebrity, a fact that has done her no favours within the bureau itself as her superiors and colleagues resent her fame, earned despite her relative inexperience. In addition, the fact that she is a woman is a barrier to many misogynistic work mates to acceptance and respect.

Clarice S01E02 begins as Agent Starling and her team face the daunting challenge of handling a potential violent encounter with an anti-government militia calling themselves “the Statesmen”. At the end of the pilot, Agent Starling had broken ranks and disobeyed her superior officer when addressing the press, leading to a possible removal from the team.

Thus, this episode from the outset is clearly an attempt to work out this conflict by using the events of this encounter that recalls the familiar setting of the Waco siege where over 80s people were killed. Obviously, the Attorney-General and the FBI are anxious to avoid a similar conclusion.

Due to her ingenuity and bravery, Agent Starling is able to resolve the complicated situation in the favour of law enforcement and regain the trust of her superiors and colleagues. However, the episode does make it clear that the process is still difficult for Agent Starling. What we liked about this is the manner in which Agent Starling is presented – like an awkward other-worldly savant. Out of place in the field but thriving due to her immaculate psychological instincts.

Aussie actress Rebecca Breeds brings to Agent Starling an alien quality that is perfect for the role. She seems to succeed despite the many obstacles and we believe that is why it is so easy to engage with the character so early on in this promising series.

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