I, Killer Doll.

Remake fever

The original Child’s Play spawned six sequels. An offbeat horror movie centred around a doll possessed by a serial killer through voodoo magic. Now that the original film is over thirty years old, a remake was inevitable. Which brings us to this 2019 horror movie.

Aubrey Plaza

To be honest, my main interest in this remake was the delicious Aubrey Plaza. She portrays the single mother – played in the original by Catherine Hicks. Not that Plaza gets any real opportunity to make her mark on the film though. The main character, of course, is Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman), the young boy who ends up with the villainous Chucky.

Little Wonder

The horror movie remake updates the premise by making the film more silly scary science fiction than supernatural schlocky horror. Predictably, the “internet of things” is used as a plot device, thus making Chucky more than a mere doll. Installed with an A.I., Chucky now functions like an Alexa device, which is frankly quite preposterous!

Same Old Same Old

This update does not change the predictable plot but it’s still good fun moving from scene to scene, nonetheless. When it does happen, the gore is at a teenage level intensity and the movie is filled to the brim with the obligatory jump scares.

Does it make sense?

Like the original, there is a problem with the suspension of disbelief – how is a doll strong enough to kill all these people in the first place??? However, if you are able to take the movie at face value – and as a comedy – the entertainment level increases.

To conclude

Sure, Child’s Play is not going to win any awards and is obviously cashing in on its brand recognition, such as it is. That said, provided you had nothing much to do, in the first place, the movie can still an enjoyable Sunday afternoon horror flick!

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